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Traveling in Mumbai

Posted in management of life by moneymanagement on July 10, 2009

I work out of home so I am quite become out of tune of the daily commute from hell across Mumbai.

While the local trains are still badly over crowded and traveling the rush hour feels like you have agreed to become a part of a huge mixed fruit jam making process, there were a few pleasant things I noticed.

1. The A.C BRTS buses which have started plying. I stay in Thane and it is my favorite means of transport while going to town

2. The Western Railway trains seems to cleaner, with new coaches and seats that are actually comfortable (gasp!!) Also there is electronic notice board telling you where the train is heading and which station is next. Goody.

3.There many Maruti 800 and Maruti Vans which are now in the cab system. Apparently Maruti has approached the cabbie community and is offering great deals on these cars to them. A upfront discount and near interest free loans.
Good for cabbies, good for Maruti (who is unloading stock in recession) and most of all good for commuters who get to travel in a car which is younger than them.