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Chrome is here – a review

Posted in Internet by moneymanagement on September 4, 2008

The much speculated Chrome has been launched in a cutsey manner with comic books and press leaks…but hey lets review the product not the launch

Minimalist to the extreme it has no status bar, no menu bar and only a single toolbar for bookmarks. I personally liked Chrome though the interface will take a bit of time to get used to. My advice it you try it over the weekend so that you can explore the features with lesuire before switching over.

High points are the simple design, easy import of FF/IE bookmarks, and promise of greater performance. Low points are beta level completeness in UI, and few of the familiar frills from IE or Firefox. There are big bets in here that challenge existing browsers, but will take several versions to fulfill.

David Progue in says Chrome forgoes many of the menus and bars that are common in most browsers, and it combines into one the two separate boxes where users normally type Web addresses and search keywords. As users type, Chrome figures out whether a term represents a search term or a Web site address.

Individual tabs in the browser are designed to work independently, so if a Web page crashes one of them, the rest of the program continues to run.

Google also claims that Chrome is far faster at loading Web pages and running applications, features that it said would persuade programmers that they could rely on browsers to run increasingly complex software.

Tech Crunch says – My favorite feature so far in Chrome is the homepage. Unlike every other browser on the market, Chrome gives you a list of all the most-visited pages you’ve been to. I found this to be extremely useful. Instead of wasting time sifting through favorites or trying to find a specific page, I had all my most visited pages at my disposal when I opened Chrome up.

Google has produced an excellent browser that is friendly enough to handle average browsing activities without complicating the tasks, but at the same time it’s powerful enough to meet the needs of more-advanced users. The search functionality of the Omnibar is one of many innovations that caught my attention. This is from PC World


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  1. RD said, on September 5, 2008 at 2:18 am

    I downloaded and installed. One big issue with the Chrome is that it can not show the RSS feeds properly. I save ton of time with the bookmarks using Firefox. Hope the Chrome guys fix it.

    Try this link in Chrome and also in IE or Safari or Firefox. In Firefox you can add it to bookmark and check every thing in tabs.

    Wonder how they missed it.


  2. moneymanagement said, on September 5, 2008 at 9:20 am

    Thanks for your input RD, I think there are several issues to be resolved yet but that is the best part of an opensource product you can improve with inputs from all over.

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