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Be stress free with Feng Shui

Posted in interesting by moneymanagement on August 20, 2008

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Wouldn’t it be great to come home to a place where, as soon as you opened the door, you felt completely relaxed? In today’s hyper world, a soothing home is ultra-mandatory, as is replenishing the natural energy flow that is inside – and outside – all of us.

And what if it was a relaxing home that attracted prosperity and productivity? According to the rules of Feng Shui – the ancient and wildly popular Chinese decorating art – all this, and more, is possible. By carefully manipulating your environment with proper placement and balance, you can invite harmony, abundance and good fortune in, and stress and pressure out.

The Feng Shui Energy Grid

If you were to hire a Feng Shui decorator, he or she would divide your home into an energy grid (to let energy circulate freely), and maintain balance, in each of these steps, by doing the following:

1. In every place but the bathroom, position the largest, most central piece in the core, or center, of the room, i.e., under a fan. Heavy objects placed on the floor, in a key place, ground you. You need to trust your instinct on this placement; walk around and see what feels right. Nothing should be up against a corner or a wall. Let air circulate freely; you will not have anything tucked kitty-corner.

2. Do not allow clutter into your home. Not in the living room, not in the dining room, not in the bedroom – it interferes with romance – and certainly not in the kitchen. You simply can’t think clearly with clutter. In order to know what you have to work with, you need to have everything in its proper place, like an artist with a palette.

3. Use light in dramatic ways. Light is usually applied at eye level. Of course, the best light is sunlight. If you don’t have much light, use mirrors to reflect the light you do have, and add crystals to reflect additional light.

4. Replace sharp corners. Feng Shui practitioners do like to envision every room as a square or a triangle, but when it comes to furniture, these corners bear the term “poison arrows.” So what sort of table do you eat on? You might consider purchasing a round or oval table. In that way, there will be no interruption of the energy flow. (Remember: Feng Shui is about lessening stress, and promoting good vibes. There is, therefore, no fight for power, or exploiting vulnerability, such as might occur in a rectangular or box-like table, where someone is at the so-called “head” of the table.)

5. Decorate each room separately. Look at the area you are decorating from all angles. You want it to be balanced from every entry and exit point. Go in and out of the room a few times. Close the door, if there is one, to give yourself a fresh new perspective, then re-enter.

6. Change the color scheme of every single item in your room. All accessories should match. If you go for a soothing blue-green, don’t only do the rugs and couches. Do the artwork, the pillowcases, and the knick knacks.

7. Symbolic elements like earth, metal, water and wood are used in the decorating scheme to balance out a personality. If there is a need to balance out toughness, add “feminine” or soft energy, using curtains, plants, wood, and delicate sounds. Music that is kind to your mind, like nature sounds, is good, too. To induce a more “masculine” or busy energy, use metal. To tone down aggression, use a lovely ceramic (natural) bowl filled with water, or a waterfall statuette.

8. With problem areas – say, rooms you find yourself not entering, despite having decorated them very nicely – assess what you have, now, and what you can bring in, from another room. For instance, in a room with bright sunshine, like a sunroom, you’ve got bright light to work with. This would be a good place to spend weekend mornings, right? Or you might want to bring your laptop in, to finish a report in comfort and leisure.

Stress all around us

For more than 3 millenia, Chinese people have used the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to bring greater prosperity to themselves and to their environment. In the modern era, we are constantly being bombarded by stress.

Whether you’re blowing your horn in a traffic jam, trying to wade through the spam emails clogging your inbox, taking unsolicited calls from salespeople on your home phone and that’s not even counting the everyday demands put upon you by your work, family, household chores and if you have a second to spare – then try to cram in some “leisure time”.

Is it any wonder your nerves are feeling jangled and frayed!

We are all guilty of trying to do too much throughout the day, constantly piling on the pressure with unfulfilled personal expectations just adding to stress of just getting through the day.

Stress Free Environment

You can restore your energy, recharge yourself and release tension by utilizing Feng Shui to create a home that is a sanctuary.

The principles of Feng Shui can help you create an environment to attract and direct positive energy. You may not be aware of how many different ways your physical space is affecting your well-being. Feng Shui provides help to identify the issues in your environment. If learning about Feng Shui sounds like one more project in an already busy life, consider this is one project which will lighten your load, provide relief and enhance your energy, rather than drain your internal resources or tire you out.

Making the pursuit of Feng Shui knowledge a worthwhile use of your time.

If your energy and your efforts are hindered, if your environment is increasing to your sense of restriction because the Feng Shui is out of balance, your stress only gets worse. Too much stress on the body has been demonstrated time and again as negative for your well being. The overproduction of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline put extra strain on all the systems in your body. These hormones contribute to chronic conditions, like heart disease for example which plague society.

Excess stress wears down the immune system and leads to increased susceptibility colds and other illnesses.

One of the keys to restoring energy and relieving stress is getting enough rest. Using Feng Shui to arrange your bedroom will help you get the fitfull sleep you need. Feng Shui will guide you in selecting the right room to sleep in, the right placement of your bed and the elimination of unwanted items – like mirrors in the bedroom.

All of which will contribute to the quality of your rest and your waking energy.

Anxiety and stress trap and deplete energy. Correct use of Feng Shui optimizes energy. An environment which employs proper Feng Shui principles contributes to harmony, balance and well-being. The Chinese believe Feng Shui helps create the conditions whereby you can excel in your life and your relationships.

Restore Balance

Feng Shui restores your energy because the objective of Feng Shui is to allow you to reach balance with your surroundings. You will learn how to place items and arrange space so as to assist the flow of positive Chi energy. You will learn to leave negative energy at the door and fill your living space with good energy. With Feng Shui you can give yourself the positive pleasure of a harmonious, planned home environment designed to increase your well-being.


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