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Teens give us an insight into the future of communication

Posted in interesting by moneymanagement on July 11, 2008

Tracking children seems to be a great way to gaze into the crystal ball.

Habbo “hangout for teens” is a social networking site popular with tweens and teens. Habbo is a child-oriented virtual world; a bit like a Second Life or Entropia for tweens. A survey conducted by them brought out some interesting facts about how teens are using communication.

To gain an insight into what those they (11-18 years old) think, Habbo asked 58,480 people aged between 11 and 18 in over 31 countries across Europe, America and Latin America about their internet habits during October and November 2007.

The survey is built on their first survey in 2006.

  • 76% of teens use instant messaging as their main method of staying in touch with friends online;
  • 72% have email accounts, but it is being used less and less;
  • email usage is primarily just for official communications with parents and employers;
  • 71% of teens listen to music on their mobile, compared to only 38% in 2006;
  • 70% use their mobiles to take photos and videos, compared to 59% in 2006;
  • 64% play games via the mobile, up from 50% in 2006;
  • Surfing the net, emailing and sending instant messages via mobile is commonly used by over a quarter of teens;
  • 40% of teenagers do not view social networks as an important part of their communication experience.

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