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Get a new wardrobe in a budget

Posted in interesting by moneymanagement on July 7, 2008

Who doesn’t want to look their best? Of course we all do. However, the first thing that we notice about a person is not their hair or make up, it’s what they wear. Think about it. If you don’t know someone’s name, you’re more likely to say ‘the boy in the navy blue shirt’, than ‘the boy with the spiked hair’.

But the mere thought of buying a new wardrobe usually makes your wallet want to cry. However, getting a new wardrobe is no longer just an opportunity only for the rich anymore. The secrets to getting a new wardrobe in a budget are now yours to make good use of. Before you get started with the shopping, here are the three things that you simply must do.

Know your body type.

The first step to getting a new wardrobe is knowing your body type. Knowing your body type means knowing the areas that you would be proud to show off, and the others that you would rather not flaunt. Be aware of your shape and your sizes.

Be realistic.

Not everything suits you, and you know it. The biggest mistake that people tend to make is that they buy clothes that they wish would suit them, instead of buying clothes that actually do. Remember: wearing a smaller size doesn’t make you look small. It makes you look like you’ve gained weight and have not updated your wardrobe to fit you. Buying large clothes does not serve any purpose either. The look ill-fitting and baggy and hide absolutely any assets that you would want to show off. Ultimately, the only size that will look good on you is your size.

Define your style.

Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it and wear it.. You can get a close friend to help you out by honestly telling you what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Pick the colours that suit your skin colour, your eyes (if you’re one of the few who has coloured eyes) and your shape. Black may seem like a universal colour, but if you’re stick thin, then that black fitting dress is just going to make you look like you starve yourself. Reds, white, blues and other such colours are found in practically every store. The rarer colours are more likely to be appreciated, if they suit you.


Now to the most important part and that is shopping, but within a budget. One of the biggest time savers in shopping is with a clear cut idea of what you are shopping for and what budgets you are focused on.

If we are looking for shopping Indian outfits there are a lot of options to look forwards to. Sarees are a integral part of any women’s wardrobe and the range is vast. If you are the type that needs to wear saris for work then wash and wear are the best option. Stitch blouses of two or three types which gives a new look every time you wear it.

The next most comfortable wear is the salwar –kameez. Here the option lies in buying ready made outfits and ready to stitch material. Ready made outfits may not give you the fit you want, but that can be altered. In fact most of the shops will do that for you. If you are the type that wants to get the clothes tailored to your size, then buy material which you can mix and match. Stitch salwars in black, white over which you can wear a range of kurtas. Buy a few dupattas of that can be mixed with these. Change from salwar to chudidar with a different dupatta and you have a new outfit. The kurta can remain the same.

Use your creativity in getting a combination of outfits from the sets that are with you. You may have some salwars which are good, but the tops are not in a condition to be worn. Get new kurtas instead of throwing out the whole outfit. The best place to shop for material is the wholesale market. You will get a wide range to choose from and bargaining is a part of the deal.

For readymade outfits you can go for the mix and match options. You can choose a few kurtas in colors that will mix well with the standard salwars that you have. Complement them with different dupttas, which make the outfit look different each time you wear.

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Buy a necklace, earning and bangles in oxidized metal which can be worn with most outfits. A few matching set of particular colors, give a different look when the occasion demands. Buy different bindis to complement your clothes.

The Role Of The Sales Person:-

Sales people can cause more damage than good. Their main aim is to make a sale, not to make you look good. So it’s better to take a friend along while shopping. Preferably, a patient one. Take your time in picking what you like. Check out the colours in sunlight if you must. Shop lights can be deceiving as they are made to hide flaws in the clothes. Trying on the clothes is a must. Sizes change from store to store. Just because it looks good on the rack, doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Be sure to check the clothes for stains, rips and other defects before buying them.

Some clothes qualify as bare essentials when it comes to fashion in Western Wear

-Every girl must have a cute little black dress. We all know how useful it is.

-Life is not complete with a denim skirt.

-And how can we forget at least two pairs of jeans that fit absolutely perfectly.

-Tank tops or T-backs are a must have; both in a simple black or white, as well as in some of your favourite colours.

-Shoes are not to be forgotten. You must have that one pair that is so cute and comfortable that you could wear it all day. Another must have is that pair of black heels that can complete almost any outfit.

-No wardrobe is complete without the right accessories. Some basic accessories include colourful belts to go without a variety of outfits, cute earrings, chains, and maybe a few rings if it suits your personality.

You will get all of this and much more at Fashion Street, Linking Road and Hill Road, Bandra.

Ultimately, shopping is a fun experience. Feel free to indulge in a little something for yourself. Not too much though!

After all this be ready to take the compliments that fly your way!!!!!

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